Made for my Graphics class in 2015 with a group of three people. It's a simplified Nazi Zombies clone that actually turned out pretty good. This was my first real project in unity and also my first real 3D game. The others that worked with me are Mark Kuczmarski and Jacob McCanty


A program created to aid in converting past livesteams into a timelapse. It can take separate videos and concatenate them into one video file. After concatenation it can speed up the video by an arbitrary amount, based on either final length or speedup factor and in the process can replace the audio with a selected sound file, remove the old audio or just speed up the existing audio along with the video.


A game created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 23. I had big plans for a tower defence/resource gathering game but ended up with this "punch zombies until you die" game. I spent almost the entire time working on randomly generating the river, which actually does work but was a waste of time. For my first Ludum Dare, it didn't turn out that bad.


My second Ludum Dare entry, this one for LD24. This one was a collaboration and finished in 72 hours for the jam. The idea wasn't very good from the beginning and it led to and end result that works but is basically unwinnable and not very fun.